P1 Cleaning Services

The competition tasks of the skill category are based on the Vocational qualification in cleaning and property services. The qualification titles of the basic qualification are kiinteistönhoitaja (property maintenance operative), kodinhuoltaja (housekeeper) and toimitilahuoltaja (site facilities operative).

The professionals of this skill category can work depending on the competence area for example in enterprises of cleaning service field, as employees at the town, in education institutions, stores, shopping centres, residential properties or industrial plants in cleaning and property maintenance tasks.

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Semifinals are not organized to international competitors.


The final has been canceled.


The final has been canceled.

Description of the skill category

Property maintenance operatives, site facilities operatives and housekeepers provide different property, household or cleaning services. Holders of the vocational qualification provide maintenance and deep cleaning services in different environments. According to the qualification modules completed they have prepared for providing different services to customers’ needs.

The competition tasks can be utilised in vocational skills demonstrations. A student / competitor can in his / her own education institution apply for the recognition of skills, on the basis of the competition certificate.

The competition is individual.

Two competitors from the same training centre of an education institution can enrol in semifinals of this skill category.

Skill requirements

The competition tasks and assessment criteria correlate with the requirements for the grade Satisfactory in the Vocational qualification in cleaning and property services.

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