204 IT / Software Applications

The competition tasks are based on the Vocational qualification in information and communications technology. The qualification title of the basic qualification is datanomi.

The professional who have completed the qualification may work according to the competence area for example in tasks of IT field in different companies or in the public sector.

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Semifinals are not organized to international competitors.


The final has been canceled.


The final has been canceled.

Description of the skill category

A datanomi and merkonomi train, assist and guide the customer in using the information technology as well as solves problems related to use of programs. A student is able to install and use different tool software, sell and market IT devices and software.

The competition is individual.

Skill requirements

Competence requirements are based on the requirements and criteria of ”Excellent” in the vocational qualification, including competence requirements of the task modules.

  • Spreadsheet (Excel)
  • Processing spreadsheet data (filtering, subtotals, protection, linking, importing data)
  • Adding illustrations to a spreadsheet (images, objects, links, comments, editing charts)
  • Calculations and functions, e.g. Sum, If, Sumif, Plookup, Vlookup, Count, Countif. In addition, Goal seek.
  • Macro recording and producing a macro button
  • Text formatting (Word)
  • Styles and document templates
  • Long documents (section breaks, footers and headers, table of contents, indexes, references and bibliographies)
  • Columns (dividing a text into columns)
  • Merge functions (address labels and newsletters, connecting to a data source)
  • Forms (creating and editing tables and form fields)
  • Presentation graphics (PowerPoint)
  • Diverse use of images and drawing tools, animations
  • Inserting and editing charts and objects, as well as RGB colour definitions
  • Slide-specific effects, text effects, action buttons, hyperlinks

The tasks may also be solved using Excel add-ons: PowerQuery and PowerPivot.

The fulfilment of the competition task will be accepted as the completion of the Advanced licence.

The software is in English.

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