408 House Construction, Masonry and Tiling

The competition tasks of this skill category are based on the Vocational qualification in construction. The qualification titles of the basic qualification are maarakennuskoneenkuljettaja (earth mover operator), maarakentaja (infrastructure constructor), kivirakentaja (mason) and talonrakentaja (building constructor).

The professional who have completed this qualification works according to the competence area for example on the building and renovating site in a construction sector enterprise, in new constructing and maintenance works for water and energy services networks, municipal work of installing communal infrastructure, rainwater and waste water systems, as an instructor for digging works, in measurement and marking tasks on excavation sites or as an independent entrepreneur.

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The final has been canceled.

Description of the skill category

Mason is one of the most demanding and traditional handicraft professions in building trade. Masons work in building companies and independently. The profession requires versatile manual skills, management of various work techniques, planning skills and caution. Masons mainly do brick and concrete block masonry that is the foundations of buildings and also inner and outer walls and masonry columns. Bricks are used to make fireplaces as well.

To be a mason requires ability to plan and organise as well as to be cautious and patient. Adaptation to various work situations and varying circumstances are expected and the mason should be able to work independently but also do team work.

Masonry trowel, hammer, rubber mallet, mortar tub, mortar mixer, spirit level, mason’s line etc. are used in masonry. Machines are used to help lift and transport heavy material.

The job description of a mason may include plastering and tiling as well. Tilers do tilings from stone, concrete, brick and tile on walls, floors and outdoor facilities. A tiler also often makes the undertile waterproofing in wet spaces.

Following and recognising work safety rules is important. The competition is individual but depending on the task the competitor is provided with an assistant if necessary.

Skill requirements

The competition tasks of this skill category are based on the Vocational qualification in construction, on the requirements and criteria of ”Excellent” in the following vocational modules:

  • work for frame erection
  • work for foundation
  • masonry
  • tiling

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