406 Electrical Installations

The competition tasks of this skill category are based on the Vocational qualification in electrical engineering and automation technology. The qualification titles of the basic qualification are automaatioasentaja (automation assembler) and sähköasentaja (electrician).

The professional who have completed this qualification works according to the competence area for example in production, distribution and transmission of electricity, electrification as well as in electrical installations, repairs and maintenance, as well as in professional tasks of automation and maintenance.

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Semifinals are not organized to international competitors.


The final has been canceled.


The final has been canceled.

Description of the skill category

Electricians’ work includes installation, use and maintenance tasks in industrial plants, power grid installation companies and companies that provide electrical subcontracting services. Depending on the job description, the tasks may include distribution network installations, installation of lighting and other equipment in properties, installation, programming and repairs of low-current systems and customer service.

The competition tasks are based on the tasks related to the versatile work of an electrician. The tasks have been designed so that they closely resemble the actual tasks of an electrician.

The competition is individual.

Three competitors from the same training centre of an education institution can enrol in semifinals of this skill category.

Skill requirements

The skill category is based on the requirements and criteria of ”Excellent” of Vocational qualification in electrical engineering and automation technology as well as the requirements of working life for a young worker. Those who have completed the qualification work as electricians and automations assemblers.

In electrical installations special emphasis is put on safety in working, on following the regulations concerning the field and on high quality result. Emphasis is also put on work methods, ability to read drawings, material and cost awareness, as well as cooperation skills and documentation.

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